Our young, energetic team has created a collection of performance clothing named for the elements that we live within: Air, Land and Ocean. Each carefully designed piece was created to perform with you while promoting a life of style and well-being.

Alo Mission:

To create high performance, stylish lifestyle wear with outstanding function, designed and produced with minimal impact on the environmental elements Alo stands for: Air. Land. Ocean. We provide customers with a choice that is respectful of the environment without sacrificing fashion.

Through the use of recycled and minimal impact materials, Alo creates high performance active wear that delivers superb function, fit and style. With environmentally mindful design and production processes, our men's and women's collections utilize eco-friendly performance fabrics that provide outstanding comfort and results. Our most technically advanced Bamboo Jersey fabric has inherent properties that wick moisture and is naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and breathable with no added chemicals.

At Alo headquarters in Los Angeles, California, our employees utilize reclaimed and recycled corporate materials on a daily basis, maintain a sustainable office environment by powering the building with solar panels that line the roof and although we are not yet carbon neutral, daily strides are made in that direction. We pass our knowledge on to consumers in hopes that they, too, will make strides towards a lower impact lifestyle. We invite you to Define Your Green and make positive choices that promote a clean ecosystem, plus a healthy body and mind.

Alo Vision:

Produce high quality lifestyle wear through processes that mitigate our carbon footprint by utilizing reclaimed and recycled materials, maintain a sustainable office environment and most impact fully, pass this knowledge along to our customers so they can make easy green decisions. Any act of "green-ness" is helpful to our planet.

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